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Whirled History


Astroduck: At least! The golden Orb of Ytterbium! Another successful quest by…Astroduck! Prince of Space!

Cosmic Overlord: Not so fast!

Astroduck: By the planets! My arch-enemy, the evil Cosmic Overlord!

Cosmic Overlord: This nenutron-disassembled says the orb is mine, Astroduck!

Astroduck: Never! My plasma pistol will put an end your villainy!

Gosalyn Mallard: Use your rocket-skis, Astroduck! Yeah, yeah, right on! Boy, Honk! Your folks are the best babysitters. Honker, Astroduck’s about to blast the Cosmic Overlord! This is no time to do your homework.

Honker Muddlefoot: Actually, this is your homework, Gosalyn.

Gosalyn Mallard: In that case, get back to work!

Honker Muddlefoot: What I said, I’d help with your paper, I didn’t mean I’d write the whole thing for ya.

Gosalyn Mallard: Hey, I wrote the title, didn’t I? The Great Explorers of History. By Gosalyn Mallard. Cool, huh? Ah! Dad!

Drake Mallard: No more cheesy TV shows for you. You’ve got a paper to write.

Gosalyn Mallard: But, Dad! History’s so boring! Oh! It’s just a bunch a stupid dates and junk!

Drake Mallard: Wrong-o, young lady! History is the fountain of knowledge! Now come with… me!

Gosalyn Mallard: History is the fountain of knowledge. More like the fountain of boredom. [snoring, mumbling] Hey! What’s goin’ on? Whoah! Ah! Woah! Astroduck! Say, you look like different than you do on TV!

Astroduck Honker Muddlefoot: By the planets! A flying book! I could use that on my quest… The quest for the Fountain of Knowledge! Care to join me?

Gosalyn Mallard: The Fountain of Knowledge? You bet! If I get a hold of that, I’d never have to study again!

Astroduck Honker Muddlefoot: Then… Onward to glory!