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Founded in 1988 by several former Hanna-Barbera animators, DisneyToon Studios Australia (formerly Walt Disney Television Animation Australia Pty. Ltd.) is often known among the animation community for having very cartoonish and expressive animation, which they are still praised for. The studio had a longer life than the Japanese unit; it became the main hub for Disney's Direct to Video sequels, a role originally fulfilled by the Japanese unit. The Australian unit came to an end in July 2006, due to rising costs for animation in Australia, making it the last studio owned by Disney to ever use traditional animation before The Princess and the Frog. Its role was once again succeeded by other studios used by Disney like Toon City and Synergy Animation.

Notable animators in the Australian unit include Bob Baxter, Adam Murphy, Kevin Peaty, Lianne Hughes, Andrew Collins, Ian Harrowell, Alexs Stadermann, Pieter Lommerse, Ryan O'Loughlin, Bernard Derriman, Robert Mason and Lily Dell.[1]