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Poster - Disney on Ice 11

Walt Disney's World on Ice: Double Feature... Live! is the eleventh Walt Disney's World on Ice show, which toured from 1991 to 1997. In addition to Disney's big names, it also promoted the cartoons airing at the time, which were TaleSpin, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Darkwing Duck.


Ice-Head Harry wants Daisy Duck, who goes by the stage name Dazzles, as his girlfriend. His plan to accomplish this is to steal the Diamond of Love from the Acme Jewelry Company and give it to her as a present. Instead of doing it himself, though, he sends his minions, the Hoods. They accomplish their task, but Dazzles is not at all charmed by the gift. She tells Ice-Head Harry, when he brings her the diamond, that it is gorgeous, but that he knows she has feelings for someone else and that she therefor won't accept it.

Not one to take rejection well, Ice-Head Harry orders his men to tie Dazzles to a keg of dynamite and lights the fuse. Dazzles fate would be sealed if not for her fellow singers, the Dazzlettes, who are witness to everything and get help from Launchpad McQuack. Launchpad, in turn, gets Darkwing Duck involved. Darkwing gets backup from the police force, frees Dazzles, terminates the fuse, and retrieves the diamond. The cops haul Ice-Head Harry and the Hoods off to jail.




  • It is not specified who Dazzles's true love is, but seeing as she's played by Daisy Duck, she is likely talking about Donald Duck.



  • The Darkwing Duck portion of the show was part of the second act. At the start of the second act, Roger Rabbit presents a series of video vignettes. It is one of these video vignettes that is dedicated to Darkwing Duck.
  • The show's producer is Kenneth Feld.
  • Later performances of this show (after 1994) were redone to remove the Disney Afternoon elements. As such, the Darkwing Duck sequence was redone with Donald Duck playing a detective.

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