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Mrs. Waddlesworth is or was a high school teacher in St. Canard.



Waddlesworth was active as teacher in the 1970s or about 20 years prior to Darkwing Duck becoming the protector of St. Canard. Whether she still teaches, changed jobs, or retired is unknown. She might be related to one of the more influential prison wardens of Darkwing's days due to a shared last name.


As someone who gave a teenage Drake Mallard any sort of power no matter for how long, she either is a poor judge of character or tried to teach him a lesson he didn't pick up on.


There is nothing known about what Mrs. Waddlesworth looks like.



Waddlesworth left her class, among which the students Drake Mallard, Elmo Sputterspark, Ham String, Preena Lott, and Lenny, alone for a bit. She gave Drake authority during her absence, which he promptly abused to harrass his fellow students in the thrilling case of a missing pencil. "Clash Reunion"