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Wacko is an alien criminal who sought to destroy the universe using seismospheres. He was mistook for a pet when he landed on Darkwing Duck's planet.

He is voiced by Hal Rayle.





When Aliens Collide - Wacko's revealed

Wacko in his true form

Wacko is a member of a purple alien species capable of altering their body structure, such as by stretching his whole body or just parts of it out to extreme lengths. He has dark blue spots on his body and a lighter purple belly. His stalk eyes are orange colored with black irises, and he has a long head with a big hump where his mouth is. He also has black whiskers.

In his "normal" form he is small and potbellied, though he can cause himself to grow huge and muscular for a short time. He wears a metal collar with a red bow on it."When Aliens Collide"

When Aliens Collide - Wacko's arm loop

Wacko stretching out his arms in a loop

In actuality, his form is supposed to be muscular and very top heavy by default with small legs. The collar is not a normal part of his attire, rather it appears to be a power limiter that chokes him when in his true muscular form, forcing him to take the small, cuddly form.



Captured by Captain Big Nasty of the Outer Space Patrol, Wacko was fitted with a collar that prevented him from bulking up, and also from speaking. Wacko escaped and stole the seismospheres and fled to Earth. Found by Drake and Gosalyn Mallard and Honker and Tank Muddlefoot coming home from the theater, he was adopted by Gosalyn as a pet.

With her help he was able to get the restrictive collar off, and reacquire the seismospheres which had been found and kept by Tank, who mistook them for jawbreakers. Wacko then more or less kidnapped Gosalyn and Honker and held them hostage, threatening to use the seismospheres, but he was stopped by the combined forces of Darkwing Duck and Captain Big Nasty."When Aliens Collide"


  • Wacko putting wrapping his arms to a circular loop around himself while saying "But that's not all!" is likely a reference to classic starting/ending sequences that involve colored rings, such as Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, which sometimes put characters inside the frame of the circles. Both mentioned series almost always end in the quote "That's All Folks!" - Wacko's quote may be a fourth wall joke stating that the episode is not over yet.