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Vladimir Goodenov Gryzlikoff is the chief agent of SHUSH and Hooter's replacement if anything were to happen to him. While Gryzlikoff enjoys the prospect of being director, if only to rid the organization of unpredictable freelance agents, he respects Hooter greatly and is content having him as boss. Gryzlikoff is both loyal and reliable and genuinely cares about protecting the world, but he's as by-the-book as one can get and hostile to unauthorized initiatives. This puts him at odds with Darkwing Duck. He speaks with a Russian accent.

He is voiced by Ron Feinberg.

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Vladimir Goodenov Gryzlikoff "The Darkwing Squad" is Chief Agent of SHUSH. This means he has nearly the same level of authority and internal knowledge as Director Hooter and in the latter's absence is the one in charge. "Dirty Money"


Gryzlikoff has a gruff, by-the-book personality. He and Darkwing don’t get along because of this.


Gryzlikoff is a brown bear in a dark gray suit.



"Water Way to Go" "Dirty Money" "The Merchant of Menace" "Bad Tidings" "Disguise the Limit" "The Darkwing Squad"


"The Darkest Night" "Clean Money"

Disney Adventures comics[]

"Let's Get Fiscal!"

The Disney Afternoon comics[]

"Mole Mania" "Beating Beets"

Joe Books comics[]

After the fall of Taurus Bulba as secret puppetmaster of St. Canard, SHUSH confiscates his satellite headquarters and modifies it to serve as a "first response" staging area for global and extraterrestial trouble. Gryzlikoff, as Chief Agent, is involved with the project. He is at Hooter's side when the latter invites Darkwing to the facility to make him part of the response team. As usual, he disagrees with Darkwing's involvement, but the assigned contact person, Desiree Bell, is positive about the decision. That is, until Launchpad and Gosalyn destroy part of the Gorblatt Nebula with the station's lasers. They think they are playing a video game, which in Gryzlikoff's eyes is further proof of Darkwing's incompetence. "Orange Is the New Purple, Part 1"