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In Like Blunt - ultraviolet binoculars

The ultraviolet binoculars were among Darkwing's gadgets until Derek Blunt destroyed them.


It is never explained where the ultraviolet binoculars come from, but SHUSH is the likely origin. The ultraviolet binoculars were lost due to Derek Blunt's actions "In Like Blunt" and it appears Darkwing replaced them with the infrapink ultrascan specs. "Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 1"



After having already almost killed his mission colleagues and betrayed their location, Darkwing is forbidden to use any more gadgets without Derek Blunt's permission. He ignores the spy and whips out the ultraviolet binoculars. Blunt grabs them and dumps them along with most of Darkwing's gadgets in a pool. "In Like Blunt"