Darkwing Duck
Writer Dev Ross
Story editor Tad Stones
Animation studio Hanho Heung-Up Co., Ltd
Episode 59: Season 1, Episode 59
Date May 1992
Production code 4308-076
Whirled History premiere A Star Is Scorned
Kung Fooled production Whirled History

U.F. Foe is an episode of Darkwing Duck.


Aliens kidnap Launchpad to make him ruler of the



Darkwing: I am the headache in the criminal brain!

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  • "U.F. Foe" uses Ripcord's animation model from the DuckTales episode "Top Duck". However, it uses the one from when he is about in his 50s-60s over the one in which he is about in his 40s-50s despite that he in this episode should be in his 20s-30s.


  • "U.F. Foe" doesn't quite line up with the facts given about Launchpad's youth in the DuckTales episode "Top Duck". Among others, that episode says, through Launchpad's parents, that Launchpad always loved to fly and could crash before he even could walk. Of course, that itself doesn't quite line up with the DuckTales episode "Launchpad's First Crash", where his first crash doesn't happen until he becomes employed by Scrooge McDuck, so tinkering a little with "Top Duck" to interpret Launchpad's parents as having differently maintained memories makes things connect decently.
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