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"Turnabout Is F.O.W.L. Play" is the 03rd of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


Steelbeak opens the story with an introduction set in a F.O.W.L. science lab, where Darkwing Duck is strapped to a chair and hooked to various wires. The metal-mouthed villain explains his theory that a certain chemical balance in one's brain is what makes a person good of evil, and he will prove it by altering Darkwing's and turning him into a villain. While Steelbeak makes final adjustments, Darkwing tries to stall for time by running a lengthy and embellished flashback on how he was investigating a recent crime wave in St. Canard and fought off an entire army of Eggmen, but Steelbeak sets the record straight by knocking him out, both in the flashback and in reality. He then performs the experiment, has Darkwing fitted with a hidden camera, and sends him back to where he was captured.

When Darkwing comes to, he finds Launchpad stuck in a trash can, having been stuffed inside it by the Eggmen earlier. Rather than free him, the newly-evil Darkwing kicks the can away and proceeds to a nearby bank so that he can rob it. Instead, Darkwing learns that Eggmen are already inside it and he is thanked by the manager for foiling their robbery. He then tries again by robbing a yacht, but he instead cuts into another F.O.W.L. robbery and the police congratulate him for his perfect timing.

Furious, Darkwing takes over the St. Canard Power Plant and shuts it down, putting the entire city in a blackout. Ironically, his actions end up stopping yet another F.O.W.L. operation and the Mayor calls to thank Darkwing for his brilliance. The moment ends when Steelbeak barges in with a giant robot, furious that his experiment has failed and he has been tricked by his own test-subject. Launchpad then arrives to steal the robot and threaten Steelbeak into changing Darkwing back to normal, but Darkwing steals the robot for himself and prepares to destroy them both, proving that he really has become evil and validating Steelbeak's theory (and that Darkwing is so incompetent that he prevented more crimes than he caused). Before he can fire, Darkwing suddenly feels remorse for threatening his friend and refuses to fire... and in his anger, he slams his fist on the controls and fires the robot's main gun.

When the dust settles, Launchpad helps Darkwing back on his feet, and Darkwing assures his sidekick that Steelbeak could never truly overcome his strong sense of justice. The flashback from before then starts up again as Steelbeak uses it as cover to escape unnoticed.

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