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Twin Beaks - Trudi

Trudi is the owner of Trudi's Diner in the rustic town of Twin Beaks. The diner is a hot spot both for the townfolk and tourists. Trudi is the sister of Binkie Muddlefoot, aunt of Honker Muddlefoot and Tank Muddlefoot, and is identical to her in appearance save for an eyepatch on the right which she wears for undisclosed reasons. The two sisters get along well and Trudi adores Binkie's family, while she appears to be husband-free and child-free herself.



Trudi grew up in a household with at least one sibling: her sister Binkie, who appears to be her twin. The two have different accents, so at least one of those is likely to be acquired later in life. Because Trudi wears an eyepatch, odds are something happened during her lifetime that cost her her eye, but the how and when are unknown.

In her adult years, she created and to this day runs Trudi's Diner in Twin Beaks. Business goes well for her.


If the behavior of cabbage-Trudi and Honker's inability to recognize her as anyone but his aunt are anything to go by, Trudi has the same sunny disposition as her sister and would be only slight less clueless than she is.


Trudi is nearly identical to Binkie both in own appearance and fashion choices. She is a tall, thin canary with yellow feathers and a large plume-like pompadour. She wears an eyepatch on the right, so she probably lacks that eye. Trudi and Binkie wear similar but not identical knee-length dresses with short sleeves. Minor differences include puffy sleeves and an extra white line at the edge of the skirt for Trudi. Differences that seem to signal their tastes are that Binkie sports a demure blue, while Trudi sports a bold red. Binkie's dress has a jewel neckline she wears a necklace with, but Trudi's has a slot neckline and she doesn't wear jewelry. Both wear a white apron, but where Trudi has just a bow on the back, Binkie has two ribbons hanging from it.



When mutant cabbage aliens invade Earth and infest Twin Beaks, Trudi and the rest of the townspeople are captured and replaced with one or more cabbage clones. Cabbage-Trudi keeps running the original's diner as a hub for the mutant space cabbages and attraction point for more people to replace. Cabbage-Trudi also is the one to expand cabbage control beyond Twin Beaks by getting Binkie and Herb involved. Ultimately, she is demutated by the alien cows and the original Trudi is awakened from a forced state of sleep. "Twin Beaks"


  • Trudi and Trudi's Diner are references to Nadine Hurley and the Double R Diner from the 1990 television series Twin Peaks.