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Mondo The Mad Mask Misappropriator - Mondo's trophy van

The trophy van belongs to Mondo. It is his home on wheels, in which he keeps his collection of superhero masks to admire as he drives on to his next target.


Mondo's trophy van is a large red campervan decorated with African elements. It houses a comfortable living space and Mondo's superhero mask collection. To protect his possessions, Mondo has an alarm installed that sends a signal to his watch when there's an intruder. It is unknown if Mondo kept the van when he supposedly switched hobbies to stamp collecting.


Disney Adventures comics[]

Mondo drives his van to St. Canard to go after the mask of Darkwing Duck. He obtains it and adds it to the plaque waiting in his van. However, when he turns on the television to relive his victory, he is shocked to hear he only got Darkwing's 'auxiliary' mask and that Darkwing will be waiting with the 'real' mask at city hall. Mondo takes the bait, unaware that Darkwing and Launchpad McQuack mean to keep him busy so Gosalyn can break into the trophy van and not only retrieve Darkwing's mask but all the others too. A miscalculation in the plan is the presence of an alarm and the moment it goes off Mondo makes short work of the heroes to protect his collection. He captures Gosalyn, but Darkwing has come after him and frees Gosalyn. He and Mondo practically break down the van in their fight while Gosalyn rushes off with the masks to their rightful owners, who come to Darwking's aid later on. "Mondo: The Mad Mask Misappropriator"