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The Joe Books run of Darkwing Duck comics contains three one-page villain files per issue starting the second one. Their purpose is to help the audience know who Darkwing's opponents all are so that the stories themselves can minimize the exposition. The Top Secret Files consist of three parts: an infobox, a history segment, and a "From the Files of Darkwing Duck" section. The infobox contains at most eleven facts, namely "real name", "identity", "occupation", "place of birth", "known relatives", "aliases", "affiliations", "first appearance", "quote", and "abilities and equipment". The infobox and the history segment are written to be out-of-universe, while the "From the Files of Darkwing Duck" section is in-universe. Although the title "From the Files of Darkwing Duck" implies the text is from a document, the section tends to be written as if it's Darkwing's answer to a question during an interview.

Darkwing Duck comics[]

Issue Profiles Date
02 Liquidator, Megavolt, Negaduck May 25, 2016
03 Steelbeak, Pokerface, Bushroot July 13, 2016
04 Quackerjack, Dr. Fossil, One-Shot August 24, 2016
05 Splatter Phoenix, Cat-Tankerous, Darkwarrior Duck September 28, 2016
06 Chronoduck, Taurus Bulba, Mondo November 16, 2016



  • Liquidator's profile states that he has no known relatives, yet Liquidator made mention of his cousin Morty in "Dry Hard". It also claims he can move while frozen, which was explicitly not the case the one time he got in that state in "Dry Hard". What he could do while being frozen was create minions from nearby liquid water to free him.
  • Megavolt's profile is not incorrect in noting that Darkwing refers to the villain as his "arch-enemy" ("The Frequency Fiends"), but it omits to note this is a title Darkwing hands out with certain liberty. Bushroot ("Night of the Living Spud"), Tuskerninni ("Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan"), and Ammonia Pine ("Cleanliness Is Next to Badliness") have also been called that or the equivalents "arch-rival" and "arch-nemesis".
  • Steelbeak's profile claims the advent of his steel beak is shrouded in mystery, which misplaces the emphasis. It is known from "Steerminator" that Steelbeak was given his new beak by F.O.W.L.; what isn't known is why and what happened to his natural beak. Similarly, the history segment writes that Darkwing encountered Steelbeak for the first time during his mission in Oilrabia, which is true episode-wise, but within the episode it is clear that Darkwing and Steelbeak have met before several times.


  • The idea for character profiles goes back to 2010/2011 when Boom! Studios still had the license. A concern was the way the comics threw characters left and right at the reader, expecting them to know the entire cast despite that the home video releases of the cartoon were incomplete and hard to come by. Aaron Sparrow picked up on this and implemented bios when he became the writer for the Joe Books run.[1]
  • A recurring complaint about the Top Secret Files is that they do not offer any new information. Especially the often empty "real name" entries are a disappointment. This complaint is known and being worked on, with the first profile to reveal a civilian name being the one of Splatter Phoenix.