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Gizmoduck is asked by the army to protect a weapon displayed at the St. Canard Air Show. When Gizmoduck gets a hero's welcome in St Canard, Darkwing Duck becomes very jealous, at the same time Steelbeak plots to steal the new weapon while framing Darkwing. Gizmoduck and Darkwing must team up to defeat Steelbeak.


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"There’s the Egret. All gift wrapped and ready to steal."

"Sorry evildoers. The only prize you're getting is the booby prize."


"Yes. Defender of the Downtrodden. Guardian of the Good. Gizmoduck!"

— The eggmen and Gizmoduck.

Gizmoduck: If you're not a criminal, how come you're wearing a mask?

Darkwing: Hey-hey-hey, let's not get personal, helmet-head!

Gizmoduck: It came with the outfit!

Steelbeak: (Disguised as Darkwing) I am the stinkbug that stains your windshield! I am the cotton swab that gets stuck in your ear!

Gizmoduck:Let go of my wheel you heel



  • Of the movies that fit the description "they shoot the dog in the last act", Darkwing is most likely talking about the 1957 movie Old Yeller.
  • The statue holding up a globe is a Darkwing Duck version of an Atlas statue.
  • English Feather cologne is play on word for 'English Leather cologne '.
  • Darkwing Duck breaks the fourth wall, after he says 'the E.G.R.T. the new supersecret weapon. Works on land, sea, and air'. by saying 'You already knew that.'



  • Darkwing's chair set is usually activated by pushing down the head of the statuette. Pushing the statuette sideways for activation is unique to this episode. When Darkwing himself leaves, he does so by pushing the head down as usual.
  • Gizmoduck's upper beak turns white when he looks up at Steelbeak in the E.G.R.T..
  • After the E.G.R.T. crashes, Gizmoduck's tire changes size from large tire to a regular sized tire.
  • At the end of this episode, Steelbeak is standing in the back of the police truck with his hands behind his back as if he was handcuffed. Yet, when the vehicle drives off, he puts his hands around the window bars.