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"The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle" is one of two stories included in the Darkwing Duck Annual, which was published on March 3, 2011.


Drake allows Gosalyn to purchase a pet. He is thinking something small and manageable like his own childhood pet slime mold, Freddie, while Gosalyn goes for the large carnivores. From admiring a snake at the pet store, she fantasizes about siccing it on her father for gifts and bedtime flexibility. Drake disrupts her daydream and takes her to another part of the store to negotiate the acquisition of a turtle for reasons of its built-in armor. Just as he picks one up to show her, a large man comes storming in and demands they hand over the animal to him. Drake meets hostility with hostility, giving Gosalyn time to consider the turtle in her hands. She notices a peculiar message written on the critter's belly: "Pack the bungee," after which she dissolves in time to solidify at a point about an hour later. She and the turtle have relocated to the clockwork of the St. Canard Clocktower and so have Darkwing and the large man, now a villain by the name Chronoduck. They are locked in combat, but Chronoduck holds a future version of the turtle and dissolves out of the way when Darkwing lunges at him. The caped crusader falls over the railing to his death, much to Gosalyn's shock and horror.

She returns to the present right as the future criminal snags the turtle from her. He walks out of the store proudly proclaiming the turtle's special power Gosalyn just got a demonstration of: time travel. Drake has gotten into his Darkwing Duck costume in the meantime and takes a swing at Chronoduck. As he did in the future sample, Chronoduck time travels away before he is hit. He reappears behind Darkwing, now in a costume of his own that he picked up at home. To further taunt the crimefighter, he announces he's currently stealing the Hourglass Diamond because he left an hour ago and Darkwing already wasn't there to stop him. He takes his leave then, giving Darkwing the room of thought to deduce that a time-obsessed villain has to be hiding out in the St. Canard Clocktower. Gosalyn begs him not to go, but grants her permission if she can come along.

Inside the clockwork of the St. Canard Clocktower, the present plays out as the future once did, although with one small detail changed; Gosalyn has brought a bungee cord with her. She lassoes it around her father's ankle and waits, sitting out Chronoduck's gloating until Darkwing is pulled back up. The masked mallard kicks down on Chronoduck's back, who becomes incapacitated and releases the turtle. Gosalyn catches the animal to ensure his safety and to have a means to leave her past self a note to pack the bungee. After all this, Gosalyn is fine to get herself a fungus as pet, while Drake ties his brain in knots trying to figure out the logic behind this time-warping experience.



"I have fond memories of my childhood fungoid friend. He loved rotten fruit frappes. Sometimes I couldn't tell where the frappe ended and Freddie beg[an]."
— Drake fondly remembers fungus.
"There has to be something that is both safe for you and from you."
— Drake's demands of Gosalyn's pet.
"Where are we? And why does this seem like page seven action?"
— Gosalyn time travels and breaks the fourth wall.
"There's only one hideout for a time-obsessed villain. The St. Canard Clocktower!"
— Darkwing knows his villains all too well.
"You can't chase him, dad. It's too dangerous."
"Um... you've heard my catchphrase, right?"
— Gosalyn and Darkwing.





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