"The Quiverwing Quack" is the sixty-first episode of Darkwing Duck


Gosalyn takes up archery and bests Negaduck with it. Against Darkwing's wishes, she creates her alter-ego, the Quiverwing Quack, and causes a stir of publicity. She also becomes Negaduck's new target - so he can regain his position as Public Enemy # 1.



Negaduck: (Runs to Darkwing while Darkwing was juggling the bombs) WHAT?!? I am totally public enemy number one!
Darkwing: Am not. I'll show you. Here, hold these a second. (Gives Negaduck the bombs and Negaduck starts to juggle them while Darkwing pulls out the public enemies list) See? Right behind Doctor Slug.
"So, St. Canard has a new favorite hero, eh? And a little girl at that! The perfect target for public enemy number one."
- Negaduck.
Darkwing: It's no use, Negaduck. You may have trapped the nature police department in lime jello. But you didn't trap me.
Negaduck: Ooh, Darkwing Duck! I'm so scared!
Darkwing: Oh yeah? Well, You should be!
"I'm more afraid of early hair loss."
- Negaduck.

Negaduck: Well, that oughta buy me a few points on the old hit parade. Think I'll go over to the convalescent home and kick some shins!

Gosalyn: I am Quiverwing Quack, the hero who gives crooks the shaft! Pretty cool slogan, huh?

Negaduck:Good bye Darkwing, hello number 1 spot!




This marks the debut of Gosalyn's alter-ego the Quiverwing Quack. The identity would return in "Paint Misbehavin'". And would also mark the return of Splatter Phoenix

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