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"The Frequency Fiends" is the eighty-fourth episode of the Darkwing Duck.


After Gosalyn is exposed to a new weapon, 3 new beings are created, all of which look like Gosalyn. Unable to stop the new beings, Darkwing enlists Megavolt's help.


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  • Darkwing: (While he and Megavolt are ambushed by Gosalyn's energy demons in the electronics store) Oh, perfect! I get to die with my archenemy.
  • Megavolt: (Amazed) I'm really your archenemy? (Flattered) Gosh, that's swell. I always thought Dr. Slug was your arch....
  • Darkwing: (Cuts him off in annoyance) Oh, would you be quiet?! We're history, you understand?
  • Megavolt: Well, it could be worse.
  • Darkwing: How could it be worse?!
  • (Megavolt points at a ring of fire surrounding and trapping them both, courtesy of the Heatwave Gosalyn energy demon)
  • Megavolt: (As the ring of fire begins shrinking down onto them) You had to ask, didn't you?
  • (Megavolt tries to recruit Gosalyn's energy demons to do crimes together in his car)
  • Megavolt: (Getting their attention by calling out to them) Yoo-hoo! Hey, you gals! New in town? Hey! We're kindred spirits, yeah? I think we've even got the same polarity.
  • (The Gosalyn energy demons glare in annoyance at Megavolt and fly up to him as he continues to drive and they continue to fly)
  • Radiowave Gosalyn energy demon: You think you can keep up with us? We have the power of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. (Flies up to Megavolt's face, poking his nose rudely) What do you have, a battery strapped to your back? Get a life!
  • (Then the Gosalyn energy demons fly away, laughing sneeringly)
  • Megavolt: (To the Gosalyn energy demons, angrily rubbing his poked nose, still driving and not watching) Now you've done it! (Fixes his poked nose) You've hurt my feelings. I'm gonna get you...!
  • (He turns around and sees the end of the road and screams a bit as he hits the brakes. As soon as his car comes to a stop at the end of the road, Megavolt goes flying through the air through the roof of his car)
  • Megavolt: (To the audience, flying through the air) Let this be a lesson to you kids. Always wear your seatbelt.
  • (Megavolt then crashes into a nearby billboard)
  • Megavolt: (Nonchalantly angry) Okay. Now I'm upset.
  • Gosalyn: I don't get it. How's a magnet gonna get rid of those guys?
  • (Megavolt gives a cry of anguish and pulls at his hat)
  • Megvolt: (Angrily) Questions! Questions! (Shakes his fist at Gosalyn and leans into her face) Why must you doubt me?! You drive me mad! Mad I tell you! MAD!!
  • Gosalyn: That's the first time I've asked....
  • Megavolt: (Looks startled in realization) Oh. (Then he explains away) Well, the magnet will interpolate the hyper static matrix to a random configuration.
  • (Darkwing, Launchpad, and Gosalyn give dumbfounded confused looks)
  • Megavolt: (Notices their looks and explains properly) Um, they'll go boom.
  • (Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Launchpad realize what he means)

Megavolt: (Hums the "Darkwing Duck" theme while flying his kite, then groans a bit in annoyance) I can't get that stupid tune out of my head!

Megavolt: (After Darkwing asks for his help in fighting the Gosalyn energy demons) I'm your guy. I know the electromagnetic spectrum like the back of my hand. (Notices the back of his left hand in confusion) Whoa! What the heck is that?

  • Megavolt: (Pulls the lever) We need negative polarity!
  • Darkwing: A-da-da-da-da-da! This is some kind of trick! Even I know negative is bad! (Pulls the lever) Positive is good!
  • Megavolt: (Pulls the lever) Negative.
  • Darkwing: (Pulls the lever) Positive.
  • Megavolt: (Pulls the lever) Negative!
  • Darkwing: (Pulls the lever) Positive!
  • Megavolt: (Pulls the lever) NEGATIVE!! (Jumps up and down, waving his fist in anger) Negative, negative, negative!
  • Darkwing: (Pulls the lever, then throws a fit by jumping up and down) Positive, positive, positive, pos-pos-pos-pos-pos...!
  • Gosalyn: (Breaks up the fight in a scolding way) Hold it! Don't you think you're being a little bit immature?
  • Darkwing: (Sighs calmly in agreement and realization) You're right.... (Grabs a chair and rope, and ties Megavolt up to the said chair with the said rope) Positive.
  • Megavolt: (Practically in tears) I think what hurts the most is that you call yourself a superhero.
  • (After Megavolt shoots an electric blast at the fire sprinklers in the electronics store to douse out the shrinking fire ring trapping him and Darkwing, water begins showering on them after it douses the fire ring out)
  • Darkwing: (Impressed) Wow, smooth move, Megavolt. (Confused) But won't water short you out?
  • Megavolt: (Shrugs) Oh, probably.
  • (Then they short circuit a bit from the water thanks to Megavolt getting exposed to the water)


  • While Megavolt flies a kite, he was seen humming the Darkwing Duck Theme Song.
  • Megavolt almost cries in this episode when Darkwing ties him to a chair over a disagreement on using either positive or negative polarity against the three energy beings of Gosalyn.
  • As the episode is about to end, the three energy beings of Gosalyn break the fourth wall by saying, 'Psst! Hey, kid.... You. Yeah, you. Come on, be a pal. Go find us a particle accelerator. Pretty please.' as well touching the inside of the TV screen.


  • The game is set up like the original Donkey Kong.