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The Disney Afternoon was a short-lived magazine published by Marvel Comics from 1994 to 1995. It ran for ten issues and provided an alternative to The Walt Disney Company's own 1990-launched Disney Adventures consisting only of comics where Disney Adventures also worked with informative material like articles, news, and interviews. Between the two, the same franchises were included for comic stories, among which Darkwing Duck and DuckTales.


Darkwing Duck comic stories were a standard in the The Disney Afternoon issues. Some issues contained only one story, others two, but there were no issues with no Darkwing Duck at all. Similarly, eight of the ten covers feature Darkwing Duck. As with the other franchises, there is no consistency in length, plot complexity, and subject, each comic story simply doing its own thing.

Due to the comics' natures as tie-ins to the cartoon, unlike the cartoon, the comics have no internal continuity. Each comic story is to be viewed as an insert-episode and just what the best insertion point is is independent of the comics' order. That said, the The Disney Afternoon comics have some peculiarities to them that suggest that rather than based on the cartoon, they are based on the bible and other source material the cartoon is based on and sooner or later deviated from. The heaviness of Gryzlikoff's manner of speaking and the Megavolt-Bushroot-Steelbeak-Tuskerninni combination are examples of this.

A curiosity of note is that three comic stories, namely "Sleep Ducking!", "Megavolt Pulls a Switch", and "Bad Medicine", depict the citizens of St. Canard as humans, which is unique to these stories. Not surprisingly, they were all three drawn by the same artist, Andres Klacik. Established characters kept their animal-based appearances and simply existed with the human population. The one exception is Anna Matronic, who in "Sleeping Duck!" was depicted as a red-haired woman.

Darkwing Duck comics[]

Number Title Issue Date Story code
01 "Kitchen Clean-Up" 01 November 1994 M TDA 1-A
02 "Sleep Ducking!" 02 December 1994 M TDA 2-A
03 "Club Mud: The Last Resort" 03 January 1995 M TDA 3-A
04 "Batteries Not Included" 03 January 1995 M TDA 3-B
05 "Megavolt Pulls a Switch" 04 February 1995 M TDA 4-B
06 "Short Ride" 04 February 1995 M TDA 4-E
07 "Mole Mania" 05 March 1995 M TDA 5-A
08 "Faster Than a Speeding Ticket" 05 March 1995 M TDA 5-B
09 "Bad Medicine" 06 April 1995 M TDA 6-A
10 "Flower Power" 07 May 1995 M TDA 7-C
11 "Beating Beets" 08 June 1995 M TDA 8-A
12 "A Picnic Is No Picnic" 09 July 1995 M TDA 9-B
13 "The Big Snooze" 10 August 1995 M TDA 10-A

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