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The Cute Little Lost Bunnies is a popular brand centered around three saccharinely cute and cuddly bunnies who spread a message of kindness and joy. They are considered wholesome entertainment for children and the simpleminded. As such, they are the only ones Negaduck hates about as much as he hates other "Darkwings". The yellow bunny appears to be the leader.

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There are two appearances associated with The Cute Little Lost Bunnies.



Needing a quick fix of chaos, negatron-Darkwing crashes into a movie theater to watch a violent film. Instead, he walks in on the first movie of the The Cute Little Lost Bunnies brand. The lead bunny's one-line introduction is all negatron-Darkwing can stomach before he jumps up in rage, demanding violence. The lead bunny informs him that he's watching a family movie, which negatron-Darkwing responds to by fetching himself a shotgun. The bunnies and half the audience flee while the other half berates the negatronic entity for bothering the bunnies. This merely provokes him to enter the screen and return with a tank to use against anyone remaining. Right when he is done wrecking the movie theater, positron-Darkwing arrives in search of him. Because one of The Cute Little Lost Bunnies leads an angry mob in search of the spoilsport, negatron-Darkwing leaves the scene to let positron-Darkwing take the punches. One of those has the bunny taking a crowbar to positron-Darkwing's face. "Negaduck" Remembering his encounter with his previous evil self, Darkwing tells Negaduck there is a "fuzzy wuzzy bunny" around. Negaduck promptly gets out a shotgun, ruining his disguise. "Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 1" The Cute Little Lost Bunnies are hired as entertainment for the opening of The Shadow Chateau by Darkwing Duck. He does this because he is convinced the dreary atmosphere of Morgana's restaurant will chase people away and he wants to save her from that. Morgana knows nothing of it until Darkwing accidentally lets it slip. "Malice's Restaurant"


  • Two of the three names are known: Bunny Joy and Bunny Fun, but who is who is unclear.