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"Terror of Tiny Thieves" is the 26th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


Drake and Gosalyn are on a picnic. Drake has been told by the doctor to take things easy, because his blood pressure has been very high lately. Things are nice and peaceful, until an ant steals Drake's sandwich right from his hands. He takes the sandwich back from the ant, but then it bites his finger. He jumps up and drops the sandwich, while Gosalyn reminds him he's supposed to be resting. Switching to his Darkwing outfit, DW says that he'll make the ant pay for that. Gosalyn tries to tell him again, but to no avail. Darkwing builds a moat around their picnic spot, with many traps for the ants surrounding it. The ants use a leaf as a boat, to get past the moat. DW doesn't care though, because he's sure that they won't be able to get past the traps. But they do, and go after his and Gosalyn's picnic again. Darkwing, desperate to stop them, shoots his gas gun. Once the smoke has cleared up, it's shown that the moat is much larger now, and their picnic spot smaller. However, the picnic basket is broken, and all the food is gone. Darkwing and Gosalyn decide to head home, and Gos suggests stopping for hamburgers on the way. The ants watch them leave, while eating the picnic food they had stolen.

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