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Terror Teddy is a brand of teddy bears part of the Quackerjack Toys lineup. They have a frightening design and may only exist as weapons.

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Terror Teddy may be one of the brands Quackerjack invented only after becoming a criminal. Only two variants are known to exist: a toy-sized robot whom is called Teddy and a mecha version, which succeeds the Crying Chrissy mecha. The mecha version of Terror Teddy has darker fur than Teddy and lacks visible bolts. It also comes equipped with retractable claws.



As part of a plan to get Darkwing Duck to retire, Quackerjack pretends to rob Stranglehold Arena with the assistance of Teddy. Instead of the box office money, he takes off with his own play money, which makes Darkwing look foolish once he apprehends him. Another similar incident and some manipulation later, the crimefighter retires and Quackerjack and Teddy are free to return to Stranglehold Arena for an actual robbery.

The duo is temporarily distracted by the arrival of the Lavender Wristslapper, but Teddy makes short work of him. He and Quackerjack are again disturbed by the arrival of Launchpad and Gosalyn, who want to pick up Launchpad's consolation prize from a lost match. Teddy closes the door to block their escape, then grabs the safe while Quackerjack punches Launchpad out with a toy gun and takes Gosalyn hostage. The three leave in Quackerjack's roller skate mobile and make their way to the Terror Teddy mecha. Teddy is stored away for a little while as Quackerjack pilots the mecha into wrecking havoc in St. Canard.

Darkwing returns from retirement to stop Quackerjack and attempts to fight the mecha, but is eaten by it instead. Under the impression the crimefighter is no more, Quackerjack no longer has need for a young hostage and summons Teddy to finish the little girl off.

However, Darkwing Duck manages to escape from the jaws of death to subdue Teddy by firing a bomb at him. Days of Blunder


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