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In order to make the story-based portions of character articles more pleasant to read, well-sourced, and not a burden on the references list, this template can be used to replace regular wiki-sourcing and link directly to the relevant story. It is principally not intended for anything but the fiction sections, but it may come up to occasionally be useful for other sections too.

This template accepts up to two variables. The only or first is the page of the story that needs to be linked to, while the optional second can make the link appear as one wishes. This should only be used if the page name has an identifier that makes the link otherwise look ugly.


{{Source|Slime Okay, You're Okay|Hi there!}}
{{Source|Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 1}}
{{Source|Darkwing Duck (NES game)|Darkwing Duck}}

Which can be used like:

Bushroot is in need of friends. Hi there! Though perhaps the Fearsome Five is not the best influence out there. Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 1 Sometimes he works with F.O.W.L.. Darkwing Duck

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