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Tantalus is a condor that Taurus Bulba keeps as a pet and minion. The immense bird of prey played a key role in Bulba's operations, wearing a two-way TV monitor/transmitter on a collar around his neck which allowed Bulba to literally have a bird's eye view of things.

Tantalus appears to be as intelligent as Bulba's other henchmen, serving in the role of kidnapper, scout, and interogator (wherein he drops Gosalyn Waddlemeyer from great heights repeatedly at Bulba's order).

He meets his downfall at the hands of the Thunderquack, which rips out his tailfeathers during aerial combat, causing him to fall out of the sky.

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Nothing is known about Tantalus, not even how he and Taurus met.


Tantalus is just evil, yet he doesn’t talk.


Tantalus has black feathers on his body, with blue wingtips and tail feathers. He has a gray collar, an orange beak with a red tip, and his head is completely bald, like a real vulture.



"Darkly Dawns the Duck, Part 1" "Darkly Dawns the Duck, Part 2"

Disney Comics comics[]

"Brawl in the Family"


  • Tantalus's name comes from the character of the same name in Greek mythology. Tantalus cooked his own son and attempted to feed him to the gods and was punished with being forever hungry and thirsty.