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Dry Hard - St. Canard Water Works

The St. Canard Water Works is a facility in St. Canard responsible for the city's supply of water.


The St. Canard Water Works is located right next to Audubon Bay.



While trying to get away from Darkwing Duck and Launchpad, the Liquidator flees into the pipes of the St. Canard Water Works. Darkwing closes off all pipes in order to trap him, but one leak is enough for the Liquidator to escape and fight back. Darkwing notes that it is ridiculously hard to trap a villain made of water, which inspires the Liquidator to turn all the water in St. Canard hard so that the citizens are forced to buy his water. With a new plan, the Liquidator tries to get rid of the heroes quickly and creates a large ball from hard water to roll towards them. They crash through the building's wall and into Audubon Bay, where the water is normal. Liquidator follows to make sure it doesn't stay that way. "Dry Hard"