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St. Canard Tower, also known as Canard Tower, is the central skyscraper in St. Canard. It is the tallest building of what is collectively known as the St. Canard Towers, around which the rest of St. Canard is built. It is a symbol of prestige and power and for that reason a conveted building to own or operate from.

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Taurus Bulba set up the Waddlemeyer Ramrod there, and the top of the tower was destroyed when the Ramrod exploded, following Darkwing Duck's interference. It was later rebuilt.

It served as the Fearsome Five's hideout during their takeover of St. Canard. Since they evidently have "room service", mentioned by Negaduck, it's safe to assume that Canard Tower might house some sort of hotel or office space.

The Quackwerks Corporation took it over as it gained momentum.

It hosts about 300 floors. "The Duck Knight Returns, Part 1"



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