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The Kitty Kat Kaper - research center

The St. Canard Research Center is a facility in St. Canard. It is one of the foremost scientific establishments in the city, finding itself on the level of St. Canard University and SHUSH Central.


Doctor Meddle is employed at the St. Canard Research Center and it is there he created Fluffy, an ordinary cat made a genius and given the abilityto talk. He would have done the same with a gorilla had Fluffy not proven to be uncontrollable.


Disney Adventures comics[]

One day at the St. Canard Research Center, Meddle finds his test subject, Fluffy, missing. There is a poorly typed ransom note for 8 million dollars present, however, so he contacts SHUSH for help. J. Gander Hooter visits the research center himself to assess the situation and calls in Darkwing Duck. The crimefighter arrives with Launchpad to receive the case and obtain the available clues. Upon being given the ransom note, he runs out before Meddle can tell him what exactly his research with Fluffy entails. Darkwing figures that out himself and after arresting super-intelligent cat he returns to the St. Canard Research Center to give Meddle a good scolding for his choice of research. Meddle concedes that in hindsight it's not the best decision he's ever made and asks if he should abandon his work with the gorilla too then. Darkwing and Launchpad are clear that he should. "The Kitty Kat Kaper"