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Mondo The Mad Mask Misappropriator - opera house

The St. Canard Opera House is a business within St. Canard. The building's entrance is made iconic by a giant red laughing mask and a giant blue crying mask atop the archway.


In addition to opera, the St. Canard Opera House also once was host to a historic event: the unmasking of Darkwing Duck.


Disney Adventures comics[]

Mondo sets a trap at the St. Canard Opera House for Darkwing Duck in order to steal his mask. He pretends to be a regular robber so the crimefighter will come to arrest him. Everything goes as planned and Mondo first tries to capture Darkwing with a net. Darkwing simply shrugs it off, although he does lose sight of the villain. He notices a paw hanging over an edge and makes a grab for it, only to jump right into a trap. As he hangs helplessly from a pole on a spring, Mondo grabs his mask. The spring launches Darkwing away against the blue crying mask, which momentarily knocks him out. Mondo moves in to expose Darkwing's identity, but Gosalyn throws a pie from the Thunderquack in her father's face to obscure it. Not having counted on Darkwing having backup, Mondo uses his spring boots to hop to safety, satisfied with just the mask. The heroes also leave as soon as possible, but Darkwing refuses to go anywhere without a mask. He crawls into the mouth of the red laughing mask and Launchpad ties it to the Thunderquack for transport. "Mondo: The Mad Mask Misappropriator"