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Monsters R Us - horserider

The spooky horserider is a shady person who stays on their horse even indoors.



The horserider could be either a monster or a demon, but the former seems more likely. For some reason they have access to and interest in Macawber Manor. Possibly, they are family of Morgana.


The horserider doesn't take kindly to disturbances and will run people who bother them over.


The horserider wears a cape and carries a sword. Their horse has red eyes as well as a red blaze facial marking.



Darkwing, Gosalyn, and Launchpad go through Macawber Manor when they find the door unlocked with no Morgana around. Darkwing opens one door before Gosalyn can do that and possibly hurt herself. Behind it is the horserider, who proceeds to trample over the hero. "Monsters R Us"


  • The details of the horserider cannot be made out from their hectic second of screen time, but given the monster tropes present in the episode, they are probably a headless horserider.