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Hush Hush Sweet Charlatan - Space Duck points finger

Space Duck is a long-running movie franchise owned by A. F. Erret Studios. It stars the titular Space Duck as the heroic protagonist of the story.


There are at least twelve movies part of the Space Duck series, and possibly more considering that all those twelve movies are part of a subtitled movie series. The one mentioned entry is Space Duck: Attack of the Teenage Mutant Martian Mallards XII, which could've marked the end of the franchise if Tuskerninni would've succeeded in his scheme to bankrupt A. F. Erret Studios. He didn't and A. F. Erret personally took over directing duties.



Tuskerninni directs Space Duck: Attack of the Teenage Mutant Martian Mallards XII for A. F. Erret Studios. The movie is supposed to get the studio out of its financial misery, but Tuskerninni secretly means for it to either be a flop or not be finished at all so he can buy the studio grounds cheaply and claim the oil underneath. To this end, he casts Gloria Swansong as the leading lady. Gloria is known to be stalked by a phantom who kills or at least seriously injures her male co-stars, but easily hired because few others want her. Darkwing Duck beats the Phantom and even Tuskerninni to it when he ruins a take recorded in the city after mistaking it for a genuine alien abduction. He is told off by the entire crew and concedes to sit by quietly. He ruins two more takes because he is convinced he knows better how heroes are supposed to behave, but a fourth take is ruined by the Space Duck actor being zapped with a prop gun that's actually loaded. Another leading man is nearly killed just a day later and Tuskerninni casts Darkwing as the final replacement to preoccupy him. Due to the Phantom's own designs, both villains are defeated by Darkwing anyway. A. F. Erret learns of the oil and decides to invest the money in Space Duck: Attack of the Teenage Mutant Martian Mallards XII, which he'll personally finish. "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan"