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Shyster and Loophole are two tax attorneys that appear in the episode "Jurassic Jumble". They have their own law firm and a secretary, but it seems the security of their building is non-existent, since they are kidnapped by Stegmutt in a matter of seconds.

Shyster's voice is provided by Nancy Linari, Loophole's voice is Charlie Adler.



Shyster and Loophole seem to have a very profitable and well known law firm partnership, since they have a wealthy and famous white collar criminal as a former client, but their qualifications are dubious since he is in the can, anyway.


Both are very profesional looking and polite in their manners, but are quite cynical and shameless in their business practices, feigning empathy for prosecuted (but notoriously dishonest) clients but demanding big fees for their past services. Shyster (the female) appears to be the leader of the two, or at least, the one that does the talking. It's possible that Loophole is the more book savvy one. They are very upbeat and seem to get along really well so is likely that they are good friends outside of work, or even a couple. They preserve their good disposition even after being changed into dinosaurs by Dr. Fossil and Stegmutt.


Shyster is a bespectacled female bear of medium built who wears a pink business suit and a black dress with matching high-heel pumps. Loophole is a medium sized dog with a toopee that look like a mohawk, bifocals and a navy blue suit with black shoes. Their first names are unknown.

After they are kidnapped by Stegmutt following Dr. Fossil's orders and shot with the retro-evolution gun, Shyster became a purple dinosaur (a tyrannosaurus looking type), and Loophole, a beige one.



Shyster, was dictating a letter to her secretary Maria, when Stegmutt kidnapped both lawyers, at that moment Maria was distracted by a phone call by Dr. Fossil, playing fool. Darkwing appears shortly after to investigate, but gets convinced the kidnapping was ordered by the law firm's former client, Numero Uno, in a vengeance plot to get even with the attorneys that failed him. Gosalyn and Honker tagged along (much to Darkwing chagrin), and searched by clues on their own. Ultimately, the kids were in the right track of the case, and after following Stegmutt, found Doctor Fossil's secret lair with the transformed attorneys. It´s implied that Shyster and Hoophole, along with the other victims, were changed back to normal after Dr. Fossil was defeated but it isn't shown."Jurassic Jumble"

Loophole, in his dog form (or at least a character that has his same model) has a cameo in "Dead Duck", he appears in the line of Hell in that episode .