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"Show and Tell" is the 13th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


It's show and tell at Gosalyn's school. She tells the story of how Darkwing Duck had stopped some monsters, by dehydrating them so they turned into tiny pods. She had brought one of the pods for show and tell. One of the kids in her class sprays it with a water gun, and the monster changes back to it's normal form. Everyone runs, and the monster begins eating things, such as lockers and shoes. Honker suggests they get Darkwing to help, but Gosalyn explains that they can't, because she hadn't been allowed to bring the monster in the first place, and had actually stolen it from his trophy shelf - so in short, she'd be in a lot trouble if they told. She says that since she brought it here, she'll bring it back home, and tells Honker her plan on how to do that. Meanwhile, the monster is in the gym eating a basketball net, calling it spaghetti. Gosalyn comes over and gives it some chocolate, which it enjoys. She begins to lead it out of the gym with more chocolate. She takes it to a room containing pottery, and throws the rest of the chocolate into the kiln. The monster goes in, and Honker quickly shuts the door behind it. Obviously, inside the kiln is very hot, and the monster once again loses it's moisture and changes back into a tiny pod. Honker tells Gosalyn to bring something safe to show and tell next time, and Gosalyn wonders if she can get credit for shop from this.

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