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"Short Ride" is the 06th of 13 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the The Disney Afternoon magazine.


Launchpad is doing maintenance on the Thunderquack's ejector mechanism. Darkwing Duck comes by mid-morning to check on the progress and takes a seat in the cockpit. Because the closed-off cockpit is largely soundproof, Darkwing doesn't hear what Lauchpad has to say about the repairs and Launchpad doesn't realize what Darkwing is doing because he is engrossed in his work. He warns Darkwing not to test the ejector seats yet because, while they're practically done, the canopy is having hiccups and doesn't automatically open upon ejection. Because Darkwing doesn't hear him and is impatient, he finds out about that the hard way.



"Ahh, the sharp cunning wit of a highly trained crimefighter comes through again! Plus, it helps if you read the labels."
— Darkwing.



  • Darkwing's motorcycle helmet is supposed to be purple with a white stripe and yellow ears, but the helmet is drawn as alternating between grey and white with a purple stripe and silver ears.

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