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"Sara's Invention" is the 06th of 35 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Adventures magazine.


While at the photo stop to pick up the photos from Gosalyn's dress rehearsal for the school play, Darkwing Duck and Launchpad catch a criminal trying to rob it and take him to SHUSH Central. Impressed with Darkwing's prowess, J. Gander Hooter asks him to help test Dr. Sara Bellum's new invention, a large criminal-seeking robot sentry dubbed the Robo Nabbing Operative Technology Mark 2, or RNOT-M2.

The RNOT-M2 is programmed to target its prey based on photo images, so Darkwing feeds it several photos of himself (without looking at them) before joining it in the testing facility. Despite the RNOT-M2's superior firepower and persistence, Darkwing manages to pull a victory and locks the robot in a holding cell. Thinking it's all over, he and Launchpad head off for the school play, unaware that the RNOT-M2 has already broken loose into the city.

At the play, everybody is bored to tears over the students' performances, but things liven up when the RNOT-M2 arrives and targets Gosalyn (her dress rehearsal photos accidentally fed into its databanks by Darkwing earlier). Darkwing arrives and saves the day by taking the robot's picture and feeding it in, making it destroy itself.

Back at SHUSH Central, Darkwing delivers the remains of the RNOT-M2 to Sara, who then asks him to test the new-and-improved RNOT-M3. This one even bigger than the last, Darkwing faints in panic instead.


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