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The Merchant of Menace - ice cream truck

The SHUSH ice cream truck is one of the undercover vehicles waiting in the garage of SHUSH for a matching mission. It comes equipped with a freeze gun.


The SHUSH ice cream truck functions mostly like a regular ice cream truck, going for the opposite of stealth to avoid suspision. It has at least one weapon installed: the fridge & freezer weapon, which shoots a ray that encases the target within ice.



Gryzlikoff selects the SHUSH ice cream truck on his hunt for Herb Muddlefoot, whom SHUSH has identified as a notorious jewel thief currently active. His first shot at Herb is ruined by Darkwing Duck, who as Drake tries to protect Herb. By the next time Gryzlikoff drives by the duo, they've already unmasked Weasel Loman as the true thief. He flees upon seeing Gryzlikoff, and Darkwing joins his colleague in the ice cream truck to go after him. Gryzlikoff tries to stop Loman's minivan with the truck's build-in freeze beam, but hits a police officer instead. Darkwing takes the gun from him, but does even worse by hitting the road ahead. The truck spins out of control. Darkwing ends up on Loman's minivan, but Gryzlikoff crashes. He calls a tow service and makes his way to the Quackerware Plant, arriving just when Darkwing has the villain ready for him to arrest. "The Merchant of Menace"