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SHUSH Central is the headquarters of SHUSH, located in St. Canard. It holds the offices of J. Gander Hooter and Vladimir Gryzlikoff, a training center, laboratory, and hangars. It is the only location outside of Darkwing Duck's own dwellings that has means to contact the crimefighter.

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It is unknown how long SHUSH has been in operation and therefore not how long SHUSH Central exists. The headquarters is one of the two primary insitutions in St. Canard dedicated to public safety, the other being the St. Canard Police Station.



"Water Way to Go" "In Like Blunt" "Dirty Money" "Trading Faces" "The Merchant of Menace" "Bad Tidings" When the Fearsome Five plan to take over St. Canard, they have two institutions to deal with first: the SCPD and SHUSH. For both, they simply target the respective headquarters. Negaduck personally deals with SHUSH Central, pretending to be Darkwing and get access to SHUSH's fancy weaponry to aim back at them. Sara Bellum shows him the Svaco-650 pie gun, but he can't take it from her before the real Darkwing arrives in the company of Launchpad and J. Gander Hooter. Darkwing tricks Negaduck into revealing his true, bunny-hating nature, removing the villain's reasons to hold back. He grabs the pie gun from Bellum and shoots one expando-whammo pie at each do-gooder present, which is enough to flood and flush out the entirety of SHUSH Central. "Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 1" "Disguise the Limit" "The Darkwing Squad"


"The Darkest Night" "Clean Money" "The Silly Canine Caper"

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