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Sleep Ducking! - helmet is success

Roy is a young man of limited wit. He helped Anna Matronic perfect her mind control helmet for the sake of science and a payment of five bucks.



A science enthusiast and easily convinced by the promise of money, Roy becomes the assistant and test subject for Anna Matronic while she works on the mind control helmet. Despite his misgivings about her treatment of his, he sits the experiments through and coincidentally furthers her project by showing that, although the helmet's influence is weak, it does wonders on a sleeper.

It is unknown if Roy assisted Matronic with any other inventions.


Roy is one of the simple souls of St. Canard. He likes science, but can't distinguish between regular science and science for unquestionably evil purposes.


Roy is a slender boy with orange hair, freckles, and buckteeth.


The Disney Afternoon comics[]

For five bucks, Anna Matronic acquires Roy's help with the development of her mind control helmet. Roy is uncooperative when Matronic orders him to smash his face in a frosted cake, which suits the scientist just fine because it means she can force him with her helmet. Due to budget cuts necessitated by a foiled bank robbery, Matronic's helmet is demonstrated to be too weak to get the boy to do any face-caking. Roy inquires if he can go home, but the scientist doesn't want to stop her tinkering until she's done. While she searches for her tools, the boy falls asleep. It takes Matronic some five hours to find her stuff and in frustration with herself she exclaims that she should order Roy to throw the cake in hér face. Asleep and vulnerable, Roy obeys the command. Stunned for a second, Matronic deduces the crucial factor in her helmet's functioning and couldn't be more thrilled with it. "Sleep Ducking!"


  • Roy shares similarities with the scrapped character Eb, who'd have been Bushroot's oblivious assistant.