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Rockefeather Mansion is the home of Joan D. Rockefeather, one of the richest citizens of St. Canard.


Rockefeather Mansion is a luxurious residence with its own art gallery for Rockefeather to enjoy.



Joan D. Rockefeather is admiring the paintings in her personal gallery inside her home when three crooks arrive. Neither she nor her guards can do anything when the criminals activate their sound machine. It produces a hair-raising high pitch that knocks the awareness right out of the civilians, allowing the criminals to take Rockefeather's paintings at their leisure. They are so full of themselves that before they depart with the loot they leave a note informing the finder that they'll strike next at the Watson Theater. The police arrive not much later and through their radio Darkwing Duck hears of the crime. He and Launchpad make their way to Rockefeather Mansion, where they find the owner and the guards in a trance-like state. Darkwing observes that all glass present is broken, but that everything else is still whole. He awakens the victims with his lunch: egg salad and blue cheese, but they can't tell him much. However, he does find the note left for the law-upholders and decides to take the bait. "High Wave Robbery"