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Sleep Ducking! - robo-hounds at robbery

The robo-hounds are a type of canine robots that have been created by Anna Matronic. They behave as dogs most of the time, but can process complex instructions and go bipedal if needed.


There are at least three robo-hounds in existence. One of them is called Robo-1, from which it follows the others are Robo-2 and Robo-3. The robo-hounds are robots resembling and behaving like dogs, much like Anna Matronic's other robotic creations; the robot puppies. They also have a resemblance to Negaduck's robo-wolves, but any connection is speculation.

With appropriate disguises, the robo-hounds can convincingly present themselves as humans. They cannot talk, but they can move around on their hind legs and use the ones on the front as arms. These days, the robo-hounds are water-proof, which is a feature Matronic installed after a fish-fetching function didn't perform as imagined and led to a defeat at the St. Canard Aquarium.


The Disney Afternoon comics[]

The robo-hounds assist Anna Matronic in robbing the Canard Bank to finance the development of her mind control helmet. They are about to take off with the loot when Darkwing and Launchpad arrive at the scene and try to short-circuit the robotic critters with a blast of water. Ever since the incident at the St. Canard Aquarium, however, Matronic has made them waterproof. The strength of the blast does loosen their grip on the bags of money and before the heroes can end their aquatic assault the bills are fluttering through the building. Matronic cuts her losses, gathers her hounds, and escapes. Although Matronic does not get her money, she completes her helmet insofar that it affects victims on the condition that they are asleep. Desiring payback, Darkwing Duck is her first target. She has her hounds dress up in trenchcoats and hats to rob a variety of businesses around St. Canard to lure Darkwing on a wild goose chase. When fatigue leaves him barely standing, the hounds grab him for Matronic to attach her helmet. Knowing the helmet can't be readily removed, the villains flee to await the moment their enemy falls asleep, but the caped crusader reaches home safely and has Launchpad and Gosalyn tie him down for the time being. Matronic bothers to send her robo-hounds to abduct him so she can force him into suicide. Gosalyn and Launchpad aren't about to let that happen and the ensuing battle for the masked mallard's life sees one robo-hound bite the dust by biting an electronic gadget which charge backfires, whereas the other two accidentally leap off the balcony Darkwing was supposed to leap from. "Sleep Ducking!"