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Easy Come Easy Grows - Rivera lifts Drake

Officer Rivera is a no-nonsense and versatile policeman in St. Canard.

He is voiced by Jack Burns in "Easy Come, Easy Grows". Who voices him in other appearances is unknown.



As a member of the SCPD, Rivera is dedicated to serving the community. "The Merchant of Menace"


Rivera will crack a joke once in a while, just not when he's got a job to do. "Easy Come, Easy Grows"


Rivera is a dognose with short ears, brown fur, and a thick black moustache. He's of medium height and lightly muscular of build.



When Darkwing Duck is believed to have gone bad due to Jambalaya Jake's scheme, Rivera is one of the two policemen that arrest the real Darkwing. Rivera personally delivers him to prison after the caped crusader is done monologuing about his unfair fate. "Double Darkwings" There's a counterfeiter on the loose and Rivera comes across a trail that leads right to 537 Avian Way. The door is opened by Drake Mallard, who presumes the officer has come as part of a police escort and shoves some greens in his face. Rivera identifies the money as counterfeit due to the serial number and apprehends Drake. He does not believe a word of Drake's defense he got the money from a tree, but is willing to let the suspect show him the plant. Unfortunately, Drake had overdone it with the fertilizer and artificial sunlight and the tree is now dead. With nothing to prove his innocence with, Drake does not resist arrest. At the police station, Rivera cracks some final jokes at Drake's expense about the evidence value of the tree's remains before he stores it and the fake money in a file cabinet. "Easy Come, Easy Grows" While on duty directing traffic, Rivera is accidentally hit by the freezer gun of the SHUSH ice cream truck. "The Merchant of Menace" Rivera visits the St. Canard Horse Racetrack to write up a witness report on the disappearance of the horse Thunder, which he notes is the thirteenth one that week to go missing. "Up, Up and Awry" Rivera is among the police forces responding to the robbery at the National Mint. "Adopt-a-Con"


  • Rivera's name is not given in any of his appearances, but his character model sheet for "Easy Come, Easy Grows" reads "Officer Rivera".[1]