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Gosalyn Alone - burning butts minions

Razor Quill's troops are a small portion of the ground ranks of F.O.W.L. and are exclusively commanded by Razor Quill. Their uniforms are nearly identical to his but for a handful of details.



The default troops of F.O.W.L. are the Eggmen and Razor Quill's troops are the sole disclosed exception. They do not appear to be as numerous, certain minimum being five individuals. Whereas the Eggmen are general low level agents, Razor Quill's troops have a designated commander in Razor Quill.


Razor Quill's henchmen are the kind of people you'd expect to join F.O.W.L.. They have no qualms about attacking defenseless children and murder is only reason for pause if it's their own.


The troops, who are all blue-tailed chickens, uniformly wear orange jumpsuits with a green chicken claw logo on the chest, brown boots below the knee, red gloves and shoulder cloaks, brown and red utility belts, and green hoods that cover their faces except for the beaks, eyes, and combs. The hoods are held in place by brown goggles. Razor Quill wears the same outfit as his troops do, with the exception that their goggles are round-eyed and his has a built-in frown for a more menacing look. His comb also is uniquely pointy and he has a jagged lower jaw.


Disney Adventures comics[]

Razor Quill leads his troops on a mission to kill the spy Stool Pigeon and retrieve valuable F.O.W.L. secrets before SHUSH obtains them. They succeed in the former at the Daily Quack printing press plant, but Darkwing escapes with the backpack holding the secrets. The backpack does have a tracker on it, making it easy to follow the crimefighter to his home. Some time later, they spot him leaving with a backpack like the one he stole, but which lacks the tracker. The signal still comes from the house and therefore Razor Quill orders to let him go and spend their efforts on breaking in. Gosalyn is the sole occupant left and they assume she'll be easily intimidated into handing over the backpack. They are wrong. Although they have the superior weapons and cut the phone lines, Gosalyn wields potted plants, high-pressures hoses, and fire against them flawlessly. As final measure, they steal her roof to get her to give up, but she gears up as a makeshift superhero and attacks back with a broom. The troops finally decide to make a run for it, despite Razor Quill's orders to stay. He is subsequently captured and forced to help Gosalyn capture his henchmen. "Gosalyn Alone"