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The Silly Canine Caper - radar cape scientist

The radar cape is a special cape owned by Darkwing Duck that has several functions, most importantly the ability to keep track of any robot puppies in the vicinity and the power to shield its wearer from the effects of the silly signal.


The radar cape is an invention by a scientist in the employ of SHUSH. It was made specifically for Darkwing Duck, who's principally happy it is purple, in response to the threat of the silly signal SHUSH was to deal with. The cape has multple functions of which three are known. Firstly, it can detect and track robot puppies on a radar screen displayed on the inside of the cape. Secondly, it offers protection against the silly signal itself. And thirdly, it's a radio.



Darkwing Duck is given the radar cape by SHUSH to aid him in his investigation as to the origins of the robot puppies and their silly signal. It is immediately of use to him as it detects a robot puppy nearby, specifically inside the office of J. Gander Hooter. Darkwing runs off to save the director, ignoring the cape's inventor's objection that he hasn't explained the cape's workings fully yet. The crimefighter arrives too late for Hooter, but in time to follow the robot puppy as it makes its retreat. With the cape's radar function, Darkwing follows the robot puppy to an abandoned dog chow factory. There, he finds the true culprit, Anna Matronic, as well as an army of robot puppies. Seeking to protect himself, Darkwing attempts to activate the cape's silly signal-blocking function, but instead turns on its build-in radio. The rock music played draws all attention on him and the robot puppies capture the crimefighter by biting down on his cape. "The Silly Canine Caper"