Disney Europe
Writing Régis Maine
Pencils Santiago Barreira
Inks Comicup Studio
Colors  ???
Letters  ???
Magazine Disney Club
Issue 8
Date November 1993
Page(s) 44
Méli-mélo High Voltage Villainy

"Règle l'Addition" is the 2nd of 2 Darkwing Duck comic stories published in the Disney Club magazine and one of 9 overall original comics published by European sources.


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  • This comic marks the first appearance of Paul Obtús.


  • "Règle l'Addition" translates to "Pay the Bill".
  • In the 1990s, there was a series of The Disney Afternoon comics called Disney Club in France. Issues contain one large comic story each. Issue #7, which is simply called "Mystermask" ("Darkwing Duck" in French), contains a translation of "Brawl in the Family". Issue #8, which is titled "Mystermask Règle l'Addition", is the only other Darkwing Duck issue of the series.[1]


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