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Professor Waddlemeyer was the grandfather of Gosalyn Mallard and the inventor of the Waddlemeyer Ramrod. He was "accidentally" killed by Taurus Bulba's henchmen during a botched attempt to steal the Ram Rod. He apparently made at least part of his living developing experimental weapons for the military, such as the aforementioned Ramrod.

The Professor was, up to that point, the guardian of Gosalyn; and because of her disposition in the St Canard Orphanage after his death, it is clear that his child preceded him in death.

He sureptitiously taught his granddaughter the operating codes for the Ramrod in the form of a lullaby, "Little Girl Blue", which she later shared with Darkwing Duck.

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Not much is known about Professor Waddlemeyer, other than the fact that he was a brilliant inventor who raised his granddaughter. He was recently killed by Taurus Bulba’s henchmen by accident before he could learn the activation code for the Ramrod. He passed said code to her through a lullaby which he sang to her every night and she didn’t know it at the time. He invented the Ramrod and had it given to the army so it couldn’t be used for evil.


Professor Waddlemeyer was a kind and loving grandfather to Gosalyn.


Professor Waddlemeyer was a portly, balding man with gray hair and eyebrows. He wore a brown jacket and blue pants. His lower half was thick.



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DuckTales 2017 - Waddlemeyer

Waddlemeyer in the DuckTales reboot

  • Bulba makes it clear his henchmen were VERY incompetent with carrying out their mission to get the Ramrod. They were supposed to kill Waddlemeyer only AFTER he gave them the code, not when they stole the invention.
  • Waddlemeyer is given no first name in the original Darkwing Duck. However, the DuckTales reboot episode "Let's Get Dangerous!" names him Thaddeus, likely after Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones.