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Planet of the Capes is an episode of Darkwing Duck. It originally aired on 27 November 1991.


Comet Guy returns, and he needs Darkwing's help. It seems that the only non-superpowered person of his planet, named Ordinary Guy, has gone missing. However, he doesn't want Darkwing to find him--- he wants him to take his place! Darkwing soons learns why Ordinary Guy quit: For a sense of purpose, the superheroes of Comet Guy's planet put him in danger just so they can rescue him. Darkwing feels that they need a villain, and after failing to educate Comet Guy on what it takes to be a bad guy, runs into Ordinary Guy. But it turns out OG has turned into a villain as a result of constantly being "saved," and Darkwing has to battle it out with him.



Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the ham radio operator who scrambles your reception. I am Darkwing...(Support gets blasted out from under him)...(Screaming)Duck!

Darkwing: (Watching his surveillance monitor) The ever-vigilant vanguard of virtue vehemently surveys his venue for vice and villainy. (He comes across a bikini contest) Some vices require particularly close attention.

Darkwing: What the...? (Sees several buildings moving on his surveillance monitor) There's only one force in the universe capable of causing such mischief, such mayhem, such...migraines. (Monitor focuses in on...) Comet Guy! Comet Guy: Ho ho! Darkwing? Darkwing duck? Yoo-hoo! Come out, come out wherever you are. Darkwing: I gotta get over there before he ruins my city and my reputation.


  • Given all the de-powered Mertz "heroes" can't even move, they likely haven't properly used their legs in years. Seeing as theybalm have tiny legs andnare top heavy.


  • The episode's title is a parody of the 1963 novel Planet of the Apes and its 1968 movie adaption.
  • The whole sequence where Darkwing and Ordinary Guy keep getting bigger and bigger after each zap of the ray gun, to the point where both of them are larger that the entire planet seems to be an homage to Tex Avery's MGM cartoon ¨King Sized Canary¨.


  • The slide of Quackerjack represents an event in "Toys Czar Us".