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A Duck by Any Other Name - pencil microphone

The pencil microphone is one of Darkwing Duck's gadgets. It allows for remote communication to the Ratcatcher and Launchpad McQuack.


The pencil microphone is a tool that Darkwing Duck owns, but is rarely used. It is a communication device in the shape of an ordinary pencil, which originally had a wire attached to the tip "A Duck by Any Other Name" but it later became wireless. "That Sinking Feeling" The pencil microphone can be used to communicate with others if they have a tuned-to receiver, which makes it useful for Darkwing and Launchpad to stay in contact when they separate during a case. "A Duck by Any Other Name" The microphone can also be put in contact with the Ratcatcher to access its voice command function. "That Sinking Feeling"



Improvising a way to capture Tuskerninni and his penguins at St. Canard City Hall, Darkwing contacts Launchpad with the pencil microphone and instructs him to go after the penguins while Darkwing wil deal with Tuskerninni. "A Duck by Any Other Name" With the city overrun with moles, Darkwing can't safely get to the Ratcatcher, so he uses the pencil microphone to make the Ratcatcher come to him. "That Sinking Feeling"