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Nintendo Power was a monthly magazine published by Nintendo of America from 1988 to 2007 and by Future US from 2007 to 2012, ending suddenly on issue #285. It contained news and strategy advice for all games released on Nintendo platforms and was one of the longest running video game magazines in North America. During its run, it covered several Disney-licensed games, such as DuckTales, which even received a Nintendo Player's Guide entry, and Darkwing Duck.

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Darkwing Duck for the NES received eight pages (8-15) in and the cover of Nintendo Power #36 as that issue's main attraction. The eight pages contain a complete walkthrough of the game illustrated with screenshots and game-none-specific artwork. The guide is narratively detailed and thorough on gameplay, but makes a few terminological mistakes such as calling Moliarty "Moriarty" and Wolfduck "Wolfman Duck".


I am the terror who flaps in the night! I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmare! I am... DARKWING DUCK!

Let's Get Dangerous!
When the burgeoning city of St. Canard is stricken by criminal occurrences, there's only one dashing costumed adventurere who will, uh, dash to the aid of its weary citizens. That eager enemy to all things evil is none other than Disney's Darkwing Duck. And now D.W. is on his greatest case ever in a thrilling, stimulating and altogether delightful seven stage adventure from Capcom. Agents of F.O.W.L. (the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny) are turning the city upside down with devious deeds. This crime spree has inspired J. Gander Hooter, the director of SHUSH (an agency so top secret that no one knows what the letters stand for), to call on Darkwing Duck. It's D.W.'s job to track down and take in the pesky perpetrators along with their leader, the sinister Steelbeak. The game captures D.W.'s animated flair to a T and offers a built-in stage select so that players can begin their adventure on any of the first three stages.
The City of St. Canard
F.O.W.L. offenders are running amuck, duck!
  • The New Bridge
  • Center of the City
  • The Underpass
  • The Tower
  • The Warehouses
  • The Woods
  • F.O.W.L. Headquarters

Darkwing's Wonderful Toys
Gas Gun: When it's not loaded with special Gas Canisters, the Gas Gun fires stunning shots at a rapid rate.
Gas Canisters: You'll need to collect Gas Canisters in order to fire special Gasses. Big Canisters hold ten times the capacity of small Canisters.
Special Gasses:

  • Thunder Gas: This charged vapor sends out two strong bolts of electricity, one at 45 degrees above you and one at 45 degrees below. With every use, You'll burn up two units of Gas.
  • Arrow Gas: If there's something just out of reach that you'd like to grab on to, you can fire a shot of Arrow Gas into a wall and jump onto the temporary Arrow for a boost. It uses three Gas units.
  • Heavy Gas: You'll trigger a powerful ground level attack by using this explosive fuel. When you drop a cloud of Heavy Gas, it'll split on contact and fire shots to the left and right.
The New Bridge
OK, D.W., listen to your old pal, Launchpad. You're going to meet up with some pretty mean creeps on your way across the new bridge, including that clown Quacker Jack. My advice is to take it easy and be sure to grab the hooks and lines that are hanging from above. This bridge is still under construction and there are lots of holes!
A. A Boost from a Beam
The first hole in this mess of a construction site is too deep to escape from without assistance. Hang on to the lever and you'll trigger a beam to drop down just to the left of the right edge. Hop onto the beam and keep moving.
Center of the City
That hairy hooligan, Wolfman Duck, is tearing up downtown St. Canard, Darkwing. You've got to do something to stop him! You'll find spare tires and balloons scattered all over the city. Ride on them over dangerous sections. Also, be sure to get Arrow Gas early and keep it. You can use it to pick up a pair of 1-Ups.
A. Ambush!
Mini-ducks with muskets pop out of the sidewalk here. Knock 'em out before they fire. Pow!
B. Don't Peel Out
Slipping on a banana peel is the oldest pratfall in the book. Don't resort to this comedy cliche.
Clean Up Quacker Jack's Act
The clown prince of St. Canard is one quick kook. When you leap to his level, Quacker Jack jumps up or down to avoid being blasted. At the same time, Quacker's banana buddy drops peels straight at you. Move quickly and be ready to fire your Gas Gun as soon as you level with the clown.

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