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The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck - Negaduck's parents

Negaduck's parents are the two terrible troublemakers that gave birth to Negaduck. They enjoy a dysfunctional marriage and could do with intervention from Child Protective Services.

The mother was voiced by the late Zelda Rubinstein and the father by Jim Cummings.



Negaduck's parents are inhabitants of Zipton, one of the many planets out there in the universe. Whether they ever liked each other or married for other reasons is unclear, but they certainly don't like each other by the time of their first child. They don't treat Negaduck well either, and even as a baby he takes after the worst aspects of them. This, in the end, is their undoing.


Both the woman and the man are ill-tempered, selfish, and neither fit for marriage nor for parenthood. The man is more ambitious than the woman and the woman is more practical than the man.


  • The man is a white-feathered duck of medium size. He wears a yellow tunic, a black cape with a maroon satin lining, and red cap.
  • The woman is a white-feathered duck of medium size. She wears a red robe and goes around her house with hair rollers.



In a questionable retelling of the Darkwing Duck mythology, despite the woman's warnings that threatening the entire planet with a functional bomb is a ridiculous risk to take even if to become the planetary leader, her husband goes ahead and builds the bomb. He doesn't mean to actually blow everything up, but during a confrontation his brother accidentally sits on the detonator. The man quickly return home to finish work on a rocket to get off the planet, but there's only room for one passenger. The three family members fight for the spot, with Negaduck acquiring it. As their son escapes, the parents resign themselves to their fate, noting that dying isn't as bad as what Negaduck has in store for his new home. "The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck"


  • Whereas Darkwing's parents are straightforward adaptions of Superman characters Jor-El and Lara, Negaduck's parents are a tad more complicated. As counterparts to Darkwing's parents, they have aspects of the same Superman characters. The fact that the fathers are brothers brings in elements of Zor-El and Alura. And the planet-conquering angle adds General Zod and Ursa to the mix.
  • Many bits of the janitor's story line up with facts of the rest of the series, just in a different context. Negaduck's parents are among the few that don't have a regular counterpart. However, it is a distinct possibility that Darkwing's parents are dead in the regular storyline based on information from "Darkly Dawns the Duck", so the same would be true for Negaduck's parents as their Negaverse counterparts. The two sets of parents look enough like each other to further that in a standard context Negaduck's folks are the Negaverse versions of Darkwing's.