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Jail Bird - Negaduck's balloon

Negaduck's balloon is one of many, many vehicles Negaduck possesses and barely uses.


Like with all of Negaduck's color-coded toys, it's unknown whether he gets the balloon from the Negaverse or had it built within the dimension he uses it in.



Negaduck tries to get into jail to steal the powers of the his subordinates with the Mystic Eye of Quackzalcoatl. All attempts fail until he gets himself a balloon. But just when he flies over the prison, Megavolt gets bored and therefore destructive. Spotting the balloon but somehow not realizing from its design that it could only possibly belong to one person, he takes out his frustration on it and zaps it down. Fortunately for Negaduck, he crashes right through the roof of the warden's office. "Jail Bird"