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Boom Studios 06 - Myron Plastic

Myron Plastic is a reporter for This St. Canardian Life. He's dedicated, but could've done with more self-preservation awareness in his personality.



Plastic presumably was both the host and producer of This St. Canardian Life. It is unknown if anyone succeeded him after his disappearance at the hands of Paddywhack or if his radio program was ended too.


Not one to be scared away from a story as easily as several of his colleagues, Plastic's career is as powerful as it is short.


Plastic is a thin dog on the tall side of medium height. He has black hair and wears glasses and suits.


Boom! Studios comics[]

Plastic is the main investigative journalist in the case of the peculiar condition of the water of Audubon Bay and the people near it going missing. He's recording a report on the spot when the water rises up and swallows him. "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 2"

Joe Books comics[]

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"Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, Part 2"