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"Mutantcy on the Bouncy" is a season 3 episode of Darkwing Duck.


Gosalyn, working for her school newspaper, covers the epic three way battle between the Rubber Chicken, Cement-Head and Darkwing Duck.




"Mayhaps the Rubber Chicken is in cahoots with Cement Head, the mutant concrete crimelord! You know how these evil mutant types like to hang out together."
— Darkwing, the villainous mutant expert.
"Yo, ey, you could knock on a door once in a while. You're setting a bad example for the kids! Oh well, now that you've found me out I guess I'll just have to crush you like bugs. C'est la vie!"
"Eh, la vie?"
— Cement Head and Launchpad.
"I am the terror that...(Gets flicked away by Cement Head and Darkwing crashes into Launchpad and they both collide to a wall)Nice back hand."
- Darkwing




  • The conflict of trust between Darkwing and Gosalyn contrasts the one in "When Aliens Collide". Here, Darkwing is wrong to trust the authority figure and Gosalyn right for trusting the weaker creature. There, it is the other way around.



  • Clovis goes from janitor outfit to superhero outfit while eavesdropping on Swenlin Swine in the flashback.
  • Darkwing seems to forget he's been a mutant thrice, once in "Aduckyphobia", once in "Going Nowhere Fast", and once in "Disguise the Limit" (and a fourth time depending on when "Liquid Diet" takes place). It were all good powers, but ones that either endangered his secret identity or were unstable, which is why he gave up on them.


  • It is not revealed who Cement Head's partner-in-crime is.