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The mutant cabbage aliens were originally mere crops farmed by the alien cows on the planet Larson. A radiation leak of undetermined origin mutated the cabbages into sentient beings with the power to duplicate the appearance of practically any other living creature. It can be assumed that the cabbages, who have been proven to have a thirst for power, tried and failed to take over Larson and were run off the planet by the cows. They fled to Earth, setting up shop in the town of Twin Beaks. Their invasion plan was simple: Replace every single person on Earth with their own kind and rule the planet. But thanks to the efforts of Darkwing Duck, the mutant cabbages were stopped. They were taken into custody by the alien cows, although at least one of them was kept as a friend by Bushroot.

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The mutant cabbage aliens have an origin similar to the supposed one of the mutant mushroom monsters. They too are food that gained a humanoid form and sapience, only they are original individuals, whereas the mutant cabbage aliens' bodies and part of their personalities are copies. The mutant cabbage aliens also largely keep to plant food and are not eating-obsessed.





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